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1. Discuss the relationship between Bruno and Gretel.Why does Bruno seem younger than nine?In a traditional fable, characters are usually one dimensional. How might Bruno and Gretel be considered one-dimensional.

The relationship between Bruno and her twelve year old sister, Gretel, is remote. Bruno sometimes refers her too “…a Hopeless Case and caused nothing but trouble for him.”Though Gretel is three years older than Bruno, Gretel does cause problems. In chapter 3, Bruno discuses how her friends treat him badly by calling him names. Well, one of them said that he looked as if he were six years old because he was shorter than other nine year olds. Although Bruno knew that this was true, he didn’t like people saying so. At lest, since he is in a new house, he can probably catch up on his height. In a traditional fables, the characters are usually one dimensional, which refers to a character who lacks dept and who never seems to learn or grow. Gretel and Bruno would be known as this because Gretel has the same ”trouble maker” type behavior, and Bruno is always curious i believe, throughout the whole novel.

2.At age twelve,Gretel is the proper age for membership in the League of Young Girls [a.k.a. LYG], a branch of the Hitler Youth. Why do you think she is not a member, especially since her father is in a high-ranking officer in Hitler’s army?

Even though Gretel is the proper age for membership in the LYG, I think she is not a member because she might move away from her family and friends. She is also a bit spoiled and has her own future planned for herself by herself.

3.Bruno complains about having left Berlin. His father responds, ” Do you think that I would have made such a success of my life if I hadn’t learned when to keep my mouth shut and follow orders?” ( page 49). What question might Bruno’s father ask at the end of the novel?

One of the questions that i thought would be appropriate for Bruno’s father to say at the end of the novel is, ” Do you want to make the mistake that I had made when i were younger?” This question basically would mean that because he had kept his mouth shut, he did not have a normal childhood and it was the only life he was taught to live as. In addition, he deep down didn’t want Bruno to do the same thing however, it would make him successful like he is now.

4. When Bruno and his family board the train for Out-With, he notices an overcrowded train headed in the same direction. How does he later make the connection between Shmuel and the train? How are both train symvolic of each boy’s final journey?

As stated, when Bruno and hos family board the train for Out-With, he notices an  overcrowded train headed in the same direction. He later makes a connection with Shmuel by his dirty clothes and be religious background which brings me to a conclusion that the trains in Germany are segregated, especially during the World War. Thee trains are symbolic because it represent to be people who are completely different through one man’s eye, however, in the inside, we are all equally. Basically the journey would end to freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness and that the symbol represents equality.

5.What is it about the house at Out-With that makes Bruno feel “very cold and unsafe” (page 20)? How is this feeling perpetuated as he encounters people like Pavel, Marie, Lieutenant Kotler, and Shmuel?

The Out-With house make Bruno feel very cold and unsafe because he doesn’t have his old friends and the city where he had enjoyed living in. There were no houses near his and no one he knew out side the house and also there were a lot of open fields were he did not know of. His feeling are perpetuated by Pavel, Marie, Lieutenant Kotler, and Shmuel because he is given back a friend, someone talk and depend on, and someone to share with, which he had left at Berlin.

6.  Explain what Bruno’s mother means when she says, “We don’t have the luxury of thinking” (page 13). Why is Bruno’s mother unhappy at Out-With? Identify scenes from the novel that support your answer.

7.A pun is most often seen as humorous. But, in this novel the narrator uses dark or solemn puns like Out-With and Fury to convey certain meanings. Bruno is simply mispronouncing the real words, but the author is clearly asking the reader to consider a double meaning to these words. Discuss the use of this wordplay as a literary device. What is the narrator trying to convey to the reader? How do these words further communicate the horror of the situation?

scene stripI found this image in http://thejewishstar.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/film-strip.jpg and it shows some important scenes you should check out sometime.

8. When Bruno dresses in the filthy striped pajamas, he remembers something his grandmother once said. “You wear the right outfit and you feel like the person you’re pretending to be.” (p. 205) How is this true for Bruno? What about his father? What does this statement contribute to the overall meaning of the story?

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    I think the creator of the movie wants two shows us that the two boys who were treated completely different, dependent of that one of them at is a Jew, actually is quite similar in the real world.

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