Characters, Setting, etc;

Bruno:The protagonist of the story, who is almost always in his ‘world’ of curiosity.
Gretel: Gretel or ‘the Hopeless Case’, is Bruno’s sister who loves dolls (12 yrs old).
Bruno’s Father: A busy man who does not spend a lot of his time with his children.
Bruno’s Mother: The wife of Bruno’s Dad, who does anything to make her husband happy.
Maria: Called maid or servant. She cleans everything in the house and tries to keep people happy.
Shmuel: A little boy who is jewish which changes the story especially during the World War.
The Setting takes place in Germany during the World War I where Bruno rekindles a friendship which he had left in his house in Berlin. The two guys becaome friends, but their differences seperates them. They hope this trajegy would end as soon as posibble so that they can all have equal rights…
A New York Times Bestseller:
“Powerful and unsetting…As memorable an introduction to the subject as “The Diary of Anne Frank”. –USA Today
“Deeply affecting…Beautiful and sparely written.”—The Wall Street Journal
“Sure to take readers’ breath away.”—Publishers Weekly

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The book I had started reading is “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, by John Boyne. However, before I go further more into the book, I would like to research on Boyne first.

I decided to check out his website ( located on Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1971, he studied English literature in Trinity College, and creative writing at the University of East Anglia, where he been rewarded the Curtis Brown Prize. … continue reading this entry.